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Employability level achieve 5 QS Star, Amikom University ranks 131st in Southeast Asia

For the employability category, Amikom received a 5 star rating (Excellent).

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Kampus Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta.
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Kampus Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA -- Level of Job Readiness (Graduate Employability) Graduates of Amikom Yogyakarta University again received the highest title (five stars) in the 2023 QS Star evaluation rating. In the QS Star ranking which was released on November 8 2022, Amikom Yogyakarta University was ranked 131 for the Southeast Asian level, and 751+ for the Asian level.

"Overall, Amikom Yogyakarta University gets a QS Tar Rating of 3 stars out of a maximum of 5. Amikom gets a 5 Star rating for the Employability Category, 4 Stars for the Academic Development and Facilities Category, and a 3 Star rating for the Teaching category, Specialist Criteria: Computer Science & Information Systems , Arts & Culture, and Innovation," said the Director of Public Relations and International Affairs of Amikom Yogyakarta University, Erik Hadi Saputra, in a statement, Monday (15/11/2022).

QS Stars is a university rating system in the world conducted by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) to measure the Quality of Higher Education around the world, including in Indonesia. Since 2004, QS Star has been internationally recognized as one of the benchmarks for quality standardization of world universities.

Erik continued, for the employability category, Amikom University Yogyakarta received a 5 star rating (Excellent). For this field, Amikom Yogyakarta University is considered by QS Star to have entered as a World Class University.

"The high employability rating achieved by Amikom University Yogyakarta shows the high opportunity for Amikom graduates to find work or become entrepreneurs after they graduate, several points assessed in the Employability category include work readiness, ability to work effectively in multi-cultural teams, career service support, etc," said Erik.

Amikom Yogyakarta University also received a 3 star rating (Good) for Special Criteria: Computer Science & Information Systems. For this field, Amikom Yogyakarta University is one of three tertiary institutions in Indonesia that has a 3 Star Rating or above. Even for the Yogyakarta area, Amikom is arguably the best university in the QS Star version for the field of Computer Science & Information Systems.

For the Category of Academic Development and Facilities, Amikom Yogyakarta University received a 4-star rating (Very good), which in these two fields is considered to have an international reputation and standard and has the potential to grow into a World Class University in the future.

"In addition to the Special Criteria category, for the Teaching, Arts & Culture, and Innovation Categories, Amikom Yogyakarta University also received a 3 star rating (Good), in which for this field, Amikom's reputation has started to be recognized nationally and is starting to attract international recognition," said Erik.

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